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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bad Credit Tenant Loans - No Collateral Required

The ability to borrow money is essential in today's economy. Whether you need money to buy a car, new furniture, or just to go shopping - there are times when life calls for cash. But for those with damaged or poor credit ratings, there seems to be few lending institutions that will consider approving a loan to buy the things that you need now, unless you have some type of collateral (such as a home) to secure the loan.

Online Bad Credit Tenant Loans

There are online lenders and creditors who have stepped up to the plate to service loans for non-homeowners. The bad credit tenant loan allows those with bad credit that do not own their own home a way to borrow the cash they need for the things they need. Thousands of people have successfully received it online.

Borrowers are a diverse bunch, including students and people who are living at home with their parents. It will carry a higher interest rate than the loan that might be received by a homeowner because the lender takes a greater risk without collateral to back up the loan. However, your good payment history will make your credit score soar, which means you will get a better rate the next time you borrow.

No Collateral Required

They are easier to apply for than a traditional loan. Because there is no collateral required to be appraised, it is processed much more rapidly than a traditional one. This means that there is less paperwork to fill out for you, and for the lending institution.

The online application process is very simple. You will fill out a general application that requests your contact information, employment history, current paystub, recent bank statements, and personal references. You may be asked to fax or email a scanned copy of certain documents, as well as your signature, to complete the processing.

Get The Things You Need Now

You can borrow virtually any amount that you want to. Most loans start out around five hundred dollars, but may be as much as $20,000 or more. It is important to borrow only the amount that you are comfortable repaying, and to finance with terms that include a payment that fits your budget and income.

When you become the borrower of a bad credit tenant loan, it is important to become a wise steward of your finances and your credit.

Be certain to make all of your payments on time, each time that they are due. If you are sending a payment in via mail, always send it several days or even a week before it is actually due. Avoiding late payments not only adds points to your credit score; it also saves you money on late payment charges.

When you have paid your bad credit tenant loan down to a reasonable amount, it might make sense to refinance the balance of the loan. By refinancing, you may lock in a better interest rate than you initially received because your good payment history will have added points to your FICO score.


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