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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are Bad Credit Loans For Tenants As Difficult to Get Approved For As You Think?

Is there such a thing as Bad Credit Loans For Tenants? Usually if you have some form of adverse credit, such as defaults, arrears, CCJ's or even bankruptcy, it is highly unlikely that any lender will want to lend you money. To make matters worse, if you don't own your own property, you have nothing to offer a potential lender as security. This will usually send you straight to the bottom of the queue!

Well, perhaps this is how things were a few years ago. In the current economic climate, it appears that more people are falling into bad credit. Whether it's because of circumstances beyond your control or just simply through always missing payments. The fact is a very large percentage of the population have some form of adverse credit.

This is where lender's are starting to come round to the idea of Bad Credit Loans For Tenants. Usually a loan application and subsequent approval will be based on a number of factors. Your monthly income, your regular expenses and bills - such as, rent, taxes, utilities. Your potential lender will also want to take into consideration all your monthly outgoings. Food, entertainment, gas, travel expenses, etc.

They will analyze all these factors together before coming to a decision. A lender will always view someone with a poor credit rating as a risk, but they need to work out how much of a risk!

Usually I would suggest visiting your own bank first if you need a loan. They have details of all your financial records and you have built up a relationship with them over time. However, you may still be declined.

This is where many people now turn to the help of certain intermediary companies. These companies will usually have a large list of lenders who are willing to help people in your very situation. They can also do a lot of the "shopping around" for you. Rather than you having to phone or contact lenders by e-mail and go through numerous rejections. Why not let someone else do it for you!

The best thing to do is get an approval in principle from at least 3 or 4 lenders and then choose the one most suited to your individual circumstances. So getting Bad Credit Loans For Tenants doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems.


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