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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad Credit Loans - Do They Still Attain a Social Stigma?

The days when people applying for bad credit loans were deemed a lower class of customer are long behind us thankfully as even those who were never touched by financial hardships previously are starting to see their credit affected as they too are feeling the pinch due to the economic decline in recent years.

Times have certainly changed; and so too have the lenders. The increasing number of people filing for bankruptcy or suffering a foreclosure proves that the type of customer that now suffers from poor credit isn't just the lower income family as it may have been previously but it is a problem now affecting a much broader spectrum that now includes more affluent social sectors.

Bad credit loans have become a necessity to many present day borrowers, no matter what their income bracket.

Bad credit loans are required by borrowers who have a bad credit record owing to arrears and missed payments amongst other things

Loans for people with bad credit can either be secured or unsecured. Secured bad credit loans require you to put up collateral (insurance against non payment), this is normally your property but other forms of collateral, such as cars and jewelry, can be used.

These loans offer many benefits such as longer repayment periods and the ability to borrow a much larger loan amount; they also offer the lowest interest rates of any loan, meaning monthly repayments are much lower.

Unsecured bad credit loans on the other hand, do not require any collateral. However, they are much more difficult to gain approval for and they also have a higher rate of interest applied to them, although still low in comparison to credit cards.

The repayment period is often shorter than that of a secured loan; this does give the benefit of being able to pay off your debt quicker but will also mean that your monthly payments will be greater.

Poor credit or not; banks and financial institutions understand that at times we all need to borrow money whether it is for debt consolidation, buying a new car or any of one a thousand things that eat our money on a daily basis, so they will all cater for that need; some better than others admittedly.

But don't just settle for the first loan that your bank may offer you; shop around and spend some serious time doing some comparison research; one against another; until you are sure that you have found a loan that is perfect for you.


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