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Friday, July 3, 2009

Buy a Motorhome With a Secured Loan

A secured loan can be used for almost any purpose, ie home improvements, debt consolidation, consolidation, holidays, a wedding, a car, etc.

If you are considering making a large purchase and you are a homeowner, a secured loan could very well be the best way to fund this.

With the good weather here, some people may well be thinking of purchasing a motorhome which gives you year after year of happy holidays. With the cost of a motorhome costing from about £30,000 to over £100,000 a secured loan could be your answer to finance this purchase.

The repayment period is usually from five years to twenty five years, and therefore you can arrange monthly payments to suit your pocket.

A secured loan takes about three weeks to arrange and so take care that you make your application about four weeks before you require the funds.

The reason for this time scale is that you must be provided first of all with a copy of your credit agreement, after which you must be given at least an eight day consideration period before a credit agreement is posted to you to sign.

Another benefit of using this means to purchase your motorhome is that you will have cash in hand to negotiate a better deal and could even buy from a private individual rather than from a dealer which would be less expensive.

If you do take out a secured loan to purchase your motorhome you will have years of pleasure on the open road in your home from home.

You can enjoy holidays all year round in a motorhome. Nowadays most of them have heating for the colder weather and air conditioning for those warm balmy days.

A motorhome is an excellent way to see remote areas such as the Scottish Highlands and Outer Isles in Northern Scotland.

Surely a wonderful trip thanks to your secured loan?

Or imagine driving along the beautiful South of France through St. Tropez, Monaco and Menton on the border between France and Italy

Then continue along the Mediterranean Coast through Ventimiglia,San Remo, Diana Marino right down to Civitavecchia, and down the coast near Rome. You could then continue down the coast towards Naples and then the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi drive takes you along what many believe to be the most beautiful scenery not only in Italy or Europe but in the entire world.

Can a secured loan really buy such joy? Yes it can. I imagine seeing all this beauty from what is almost the comfort of your own home. This Amalfi drive takes you past absolutely magical villages which appear to be barely clinging to the steep cliffs above the very blue sea. Pop into Sorrento, park your motorhome and enjoy watching the world go by as you enjoy some of the delicious locally caught seafood, or simply a glass of wine,or even sip an espresso in one of the many bars.

Take a walk down to the Marina Grande and watch the fishermen as the come into the harbour. Watch the locals haggling over the price of the fish and shellfish which have only come off the boats.

Treat yourself to a meal at one of the excellent restaurants.

Then saunter back to your motorhome for a good sleep

Imagine all this pleasure thanks to releasing the equity in your home with a secured loan.


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