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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loan Workouts

Loans are an integral part of the modern day experience. These are the days of conspicuous consumption and a lot of this is fueled by debt. People want new cars, new attire, bigger and beter houses and all of this is through credit. But what is borrowed has to be paid back, and indeed, paid back with interest. When the creditor or lender comes calling, you had better have available the financial means to pay back the money you owe or you are in hot soup. The recent financial crisis has taken a toll on people around the world, especially people who have a heavy burden on their shoulder and are now clamoring for loan workouts.

Loan workouts are arrangements where banks or lenders agree to a re-negotiation in the terms to make it possible for the borrower to make good. It is also called a debt re-structuring as it essentially alters the terms and conditions of repayment of debt. What generally happens is that the terms were set by the lender and accepted by the borrower when financial conditions were favorable and the borrower had greater confidence of paying back the debt. But when circumstances change and the tide turns, there may be a job loss, a salary cut or a bonus denial, which means an inability to pay back the loan, which prompts the borrower to appeal for a workout.

There are a few ways in which workouts are structured. These could mean reduction in the interest rates, relaxation in the period of repayment, reduction in the balance payout amount or even lower monthly payment requirements. For this, the bank must be convinced of your credit worthiness and integrity of intention. If you have made the mistake of waiting till the last moment and avoiding or ignoring the warnings of the lender and have defaulted for long, you cannot realistically expect any mercy from the lender in terms of a loan renegotiation. It is always better to come clean of your difficult situation as most banks are reasonable and willing to help genuine customers out in view of the world economic situation.


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