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Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Are the Advantages of FHA Loans?

FHA loans:

These loans have helped so many people since its inception. The federal housing administration insures the loans given by lenders to the borrowers. They do not issue the loans directly to the borrowers. These loans are popular because of the insurance provided. Moreover, the interest rate is very less compared to the conventional loans. They have been for a very long period. The down payments are also less for these loans. This is another advantage of the FHA loans. People might not be ready to make a bigger down payment so as to get a lowered interest rate. In such cases, these loans will be of immense use.

Other advantages of the FHA loans:

Other advantages of the FHA loans are as follows:

- People with bad credit score can get these loans much more easily. But they can find it really hard to get approved for the conventional home loans,

- Less down payments and also low interest rate. People who do not have a good credit rating will be asked to pay a higher down payment in the case of usual home loans. But FHA loans do not demand such payments

- They can be obtained more quickly because of the insurance given by the federal housing administration.

- Lenders are more secure because of the insurance,

- The down payments for these loans will be as little as 3 to 5%. But the conventional home loans would require a payment of up to 20%.

The FHA was created in 1934 and has helped so many families get their dream home. If you have a poor credit history, these loans might be the best solution for you.


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